May 22, 2024

What to Expect After Detox or Rehabilitation When You Return Home

After completing detox to rehab, the majority of patients go back to their homes and start their new lives without drugs or alcohol. Others may choose to enrol in a rehab programme or another alternative programme before they go back home to boost their confidence and improve their chances of success with their recovery in the future.

You Must Have a Plan

For many people, going home may be challenging, especially if they are afraid of relapsing and are confronted with the same triggers that started or contributed to their alcohol or drug addiction. Setting up a strategy to stay sober can help you stay on track, coping with any slips, and set targets for you to accomplish.

Participate in a Program

After detox, being involved and active in a programme like a 12-step programme or another type of group therapy programme may provide you with the support you need to stay alcohol- and drug-free. If your programme includes treatment, you must follow through and

stick to the plan. Even though you can occasionally feel disheartened, maintaining on course and following the plan are your best bets for the future.

Embrace a New Interest or Exercise

Some people discover that picking up a new hobby or activity to enhance their fitness level offers them the motivation they require to succeed in sobriety. Regular exercise, whether it be walking, jogging, or visiting the gym, is an efficient way to keep in shape. Playing tennis, golf, or any other sport that requires physical activity will keep your mind engaged and lessen the likelihood of relapsing. Don’t overlook the importance of a healthy diet. Healthy eating is essential to healing.

Make New Pals


There are frequently specific expectations when you come home to your family following detox or treatment. It’s typical to first feel emotional and retreat, but you’ll get used to it. Making new friends will be a part of that transition. Unfortunately, the majority of your former pals were probably drug or alcohol users. Making new acquaintances that don’t partake in drug or alcohol usage can assist you in letting go of your old life and moving on to your new one, which doesn’t involve substance misuse.

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