July 13, 2024
Extensional Lateral Eyes Surgery A Guide

Image Source: www.theeyelidinstitute.com

The procedure of performing surgery in the lateral corner of an eye so that a sizable lateral eye area can be created is known as Extensional Lateral Canthoplasty. The whole motive of opting for this procedure is to achieve beautiful vivid eyes, and it is done by elongating the length of the eye’s outer corner, which in medical terminology is known as lateral canthus.

The procedure of extensional-lateral-eyes-surgery (ปิด หาง ตา, which is the term in Thai) highly concentrates on the outer area of the eyes. At times, if the situation demands, the extra skin and fat are often removed. Doing this procedure will help a person in achieving improved and enhanced beauty facial proportions.

Who Should Opt For Extensional Lateral Eyes Surgery?

One should follow specific criteria to opt for extensional lateral eyes surgery. The requirements are mentioned below:

  • People with extremely short, minor, or round eyes, like a copper bell.
  • People who have average size and shape eyes but want to enlarge them.
  • People having congenital lateral, medial canthus upward slanting.
  • People who want to raise the outer corner of their eyes
  • People who have disproportionate horizontal dimension eyes.
  • People who wish to have almond eyes, that is, to have eyes the characteristics which mirror that of an almond.

What Are The Benefits Of Extensional Lateral Eyes Surgery

Out of the many benefits that come with doing extensional lateral eyes surgery, a few of them are mentioned below:

  • Making the Eyes Appear Fiercer:

People want to have a sleek slender eye shape as it dramatically helps in elevating the overall beauty of the face. This can be achieved by doing extension lateral Canthoplasty.

  • Helping in Building Self-Confidence:

After getting those beautiful slender eyes to shape the individual’s overall appearance, post-surgery. This hence helps in getting the boost of self-confidence and personality build-up.

  • Maintaining the Balance of Eye Shape:

Since every individual’s eyelids are unique, eye issues also differ from person to person. The extensional lateral eyes surgery will help maintain the eye shape balance by making it slenderer.


After completing the surgery, the patient needs to rest for seven days at max, and after that, they can return to their usual work. In the meantime, the patient should avoid high-intensity workouts, such as heavy lifting. Patients may also encounter minimal swelling and bruising, causing discomfort. For this, they are usually provided with the relevant painkillers, so this shouldn’t be much of a concern. Thus, all the information was there to know about extensional lateral eyes surgery or lateral Canthoplasty.

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