July 13, 2024
5 Khao Yai Attractions for Adventure Lovers in 2023

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Are you an adventure lover in search of a thrilling vacation? Then, visit Khao Yai, which is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. There is a plethora of adrenaline-pumping activities when one is exploring the natural beauty of the region. Khao Yai offers everything from thrilling activities to serene outdoor experiences.

Keep reading to learn five must-visit Khao Yai tourist attractions 2023 (ที่เที่ยวเขาใหญ่ 2023, which is the term in Thai).

Rancho Chanwee

Rancho Chanwee is a perfect example of an adventurous and luxurious resort. This resort is designed in the English palace style, and it is located among the cliffs of the Khao Yai. Here you can have all sorts of outdoor activities, such as cycling, golfing, and horseback riding, among others. However, the most exciting activity is skydiving, which is undoubtedly incredible.

Scenical World Khao Yai Water Park

Parents with kids will enjoy visiting Scenical World Khao Yai Water Park. This 86-rai premises consists of more than 40 imported amusement ride facilities from Europe, America, Australia, and New Zealand. Enjoy the water park after a full-throttle day on the rides and be sure to have great fun with the family.

Farm Chokchai

If you want to have a more relaxed experience, you can try to go to Farm Chokchai, the largest dairy farm in Asia. This farm occupies an area of 20,000 rai, and it also provides agricultural tourism. Discover the dairy operation, watch the sheep herding shows, and participate in milking the cows and preparing fresh milk ice cream. A perfect day trip for families that seek fun that is informative at the same time.

Bonanza Exotic Park

Animal lovers will be enthralled by Bonanza Exotic Park, a zoo that covers 100 Rai of land with more than 50 species of animals. It will take about fifteen minutes on a 700-meter stroll to see these lovely animals at close range. It is also possible to engage in things like photo sessions with animals and feeding giraffes since the park is an entertaining place that children and adults will enjoy.

Khao Yai Thiang

Khao Yai Thiang is an attraction that visitors cannot afford to miss due to the magnificent view. The best place for cycling and photography is the wind in Thailand, namely the Lam Takhong Dam wind turbine, commonly known as the “giant windmill”. The best time to go is during the dry season I.e. from November to March or from May to mid-October.

To conclude, Khao Yai is a hub of thrilling adventure and naturist attractions that makes it ideal for adrenaline junkies and nature lovers. The tourists who visit this area can enjoy activities like adventure that is offered in Rancho Chanwee to animal encounters in Bonanza Exotic Park. If you are planning to visit Khao Yai, you can try the adventurous trip through the beautiful surroundings.

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