April 18, 2024

How To Be Consistent In Maintaining Instagram Feed

Maintaining a social media account is a challenging job. There will be a lot of things to handle. Usually, businesses hire a social media manager to manage their business accounts. The main reason and advantage of social media are maintaining a customer connection. Social media is the best way to convert leads to sales and find potential leads worldwide. Let’s see how to make a consistent Instagram feed (วิ่ิธีคุมโทนไอจี, which is the term in Thai).

1. Plan

Planning is essential for social media management or Instagram. Firstly, one needs to know their goals and how to achieve them. Every business has different purposes; a few need new clients, and others need sales of products. The definition of success is different for everyone. Therefore, the first thing to do is plan according to the goal. Here are a few to plan an Instagram feed,

  • Decide the dates and days you’ll be posting your content. In simple words, make a content calendar
  • Decide which type of content you would like to post or let your audience know.

For example, a makeup artist might want to post about makeup hacks, and a product-based company might want to post a video featuring its new product.

  • Plan everything in advance to avoid any delays in posting.

2. Get Organized

A social media feed needs to be perfectly organized. These days, users like to see an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed over clumsy designs and content. So, the next step is to manage your feed.

  • Once you decide which type of content you would like to post, use online editing tools to set up your feed.
  • Use grids and collages to finalize your feed look.
  • Organize each piece of content according to the date and time.
  • Keep all of your designs updated and edited ahead of your schedule to avoid mistakes.

3. Scheduling And Posting

Posting on time is essential as it helps in boosting the account. Studies also revealed that posting on time will let the algorithm boost views and viability. You can either publish content manually or try tools to schedule posting. A wide range of tools is available in the market to schedule posts. These tools have both free and premium versions. The main advantage of using these tools is that the account manager doesn’t need to set the alarm every time and stop everything from posting content as the device is developed to post designs automatically at the specified time.

4. Track Your Activity

There needs to be more than just scheduling and posting to make a consistent Instagram feed. We need to track our activities in the feed. Check how reels are performing, the follower count saves for a post, and other factors. Tracking helps identify the account’s positives and negatives, which can be used to develop new and better strategies. Replying to comments and DMs is very important as they boost your engagement.

It is easy and straightforward to make a consistent Instagram feed. You only need patience and determination to prove your capabilities to the audience through your posts. The Instagram feed must reflect your brand, your personality, and your dedication to your services.

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