July 13, 2024

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JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting understands that each industry has unique cleaning needs. They provide hospital-grade cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection services to ensure a clean, safe workplace.

They also offer several janitorial services Charlotte NC, for auto dealerships, restaurants, schools and universities, retail spaces, and more. They use exclusive technologies, like the EnviroShield commercial disinfectant system, to provide a clean, sanitary workspace.

Excellent Cleaning Services

Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting uses a proprietary disinfectant system similar to the ones used in hospitals and color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths to eliminate germ transfer between areas. Jan-Pro also uses backpack vacuums that exceed HEPA filtration standards and provides cleaning services for offices of all sizes.

Jan Pro’s professional cleaners use specialized training and expertise to provide cleaning services in various industries. These include fitness centers, which focus on changing rooms and equipment and sanitizing restrooms. It can also clean industrial and manufacturing spaces, including flooring (carpet, vinyl, concrete, and hardwood), and improve indoor air quality.

Exceptional Customer Service

Jan-Pro provides customers with a wide range of janitorial services Charlotte NC, from light cleanups to deeper sanitization and disinfection. Their packages are tailored to meet the needs of each business, including eco-friendly options for environmentally conscious companies. They also offer a variety of payment methods to suit every budget.

Franchise owner-operators, not hourly employees, perform JAN-PRO’s cleaning services. This ensures that customers receive consistent, high-quality service and builds brand loyalty. They also use quality filtration standards in their backpack vacuums and color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths to avoid spreading germs from one area to another.

Moreover, Jan-Pro offers an extensive training program for its employees and provides support throughout the business. This helps franchisees become familiar with the company’s tried-and-true processes and customer service standards. As a result, they are better prepared on their first day and can deliver outstanding service.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Jan-Pro’s local cleaning franchises use eco-friendly cleaning supplies and equipment. These products are safer for employees and customers, don’t emit irritating or toxic fumes, and do not leave harmful residues. Additionally, they are odorless and biodegradable.

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting offers cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection services for various industries. Their services include healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, and logistics. The company’s local cleaning teams are trained to understand each industry’s and facility’s unique commercial cleaning needs and then design customized service plans that meet those needs.

The company’s local cleaning teams are more than professional cleaners; they take a vested interest in each client’s success. This translates into high quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. In addition, the company’s franchise fees are lower than those of many competitors. The company also provides financing for veterans, with 24-month, interest-free loans on 50% of the franchise fee. This is an excellent way for aspiring business owners to get started with their company.

Convenient Payment Options

JAN-PRO has packages to suit a variety of cleaning requirements. These include light cleaning for offices, sanitizing and disinfecting for healthcare facilities, green options for eco-conscious companies, and janitorial services Charlotte NC, for financial institutions. Whether you need to clean an office, school, or daycare center, JAN-PRO has the experience and expertise. Its employees undergo extensive training and are certified to provide cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting services that meet the highest medical standards. They also use cleaning materials that are safe for children but powerful enough to kill harmful bacteria and germs. Its diverse clientele is a testament to its excellence and reliability.

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