May 22, 2024
How Employees Trick Time Trackers

How Employees Trick Time Trackers

Time tracking is essential for businesses. It aids in monitoring worker hours and identifying savings potential. Some workers manage to get paid for time they didn’t actually put in. In this article, we’ll go through the most common methods employees try to cheat time tracking software, how to stop them, and a few examples of foolproof time tracking software.

Software that keeps tabs on how much time employees spend on specific tasks is known as “time tracking.” Time spent working, hours worked, and money saved can all be recorded. 

Employee time monitoring allows you to keep tabs on attendance, productivity, and costs. 

Employers can learn a lot about workers’ work habits and absences through time tracking. This data is useful for personnel management and inspiration. 

Even though we would believe that the most advanced time monitoring software available today is “infallible,” certain employees have discovered ways to “hack the system” in order to deceive their bosses. Time theft costs businesses 4.5 hours per week per one employee. As a result, companies are spending more on time-tracking software. According to Statista, in 2022, businesses would cut back on their investments in time monitoring software by 14{92dd9da7009a19937a911f2d1e82bc0ee19235b32f27499c6980ecdfc033b6e6}.

Time Tracking Software Tricks Most Employees Use

The following are the most frequent methods workers use to deceive time monitoring software, now that we know how it works:

Automatic Mouse System

Automating mouse movement is a common way for workers to circumvent time tracking software.

To provide the impression that they are productive, workers can automate their mouse clicks. As a result, employees may appear to labor longer than they actually did. Time tracking software that can also monitor activities is useful for businesses. Companies will be able to monitor employee computer use to better detect dishonest workers.

Red Herring in a Window

An open document or tab in an employee’s browser can potentially serve as a diversion. 

This gives the impression that they are working when in reality they are probably just taking a break. 

Utilizing time tracking software that takes screenshots or records screen activity is essential for any business. This will allow you to monitor your staff’s activities.

Second Monitor

Employees will typically use a second screen to deceive time clocks. They can separate work and leisure time on separate screens. Companies would do well to invest in a high-quality dual-monitor monitoring system. There will be less room for deceit on the part of your staff. 

Inactivating Software

Workers can avoid being monitored by turning off time tracking software. This can be accomplished by eliminating the software, halting the operation, or erasing the relevant files.To avoid this, businesses should implement time tracking software that cannot be modified or removed. 

Creating false timesheets

Workers can trick time tracking software by inflating their timesheets. This can be achieved through practices such as rounding up or down time worked, adding unworked hours, or taking unauthorized days off.  Businesses might benefit from using time tracking software that includes GPS tracking and activity monitoring. This allows companies to monitor their workers’ whereabouts and actions. 

Time Prediction for Snapshots

Time spent on tasks can be accurately recorded by taking screenshots of the computer screen. To trick the system, employees can take screenshots of their non-work activity or use fabricated start and end times. Utilizing time tracking software that takes screenshots or records screen activity is essential for any business. As a result, you can keep tabs on what your workers are doing on the computer.

Remote entry

Using remote access, employees can log into company computers from off-site locations. This way, they don’t have to worry about being monitored as they work on side projects. This is avoidable with the use of remote worker time tracking software. 

Utilizing Virtual Machines

Multiple operating systems can be used on a single machine thanks to virtual machines. An employee might punch in on one OS and then switch to another to complete unbillable tasks. Using data collected from the worker’s routine and the software’s screenshot intervals, a model can anticipate when the worker will take a screenshot. 

Hide Work from Time Tracker

Hide your progress from the monitor. Use company time to work on side projects or bring your own device to avoid being monitored. Avoid this by implementing activity monitoring and screenshots into your company’s time tracking software. This allows companies to observe what workers are up to even when they aren’t actively being monitored. 

In the world of time tracking software, businesses need a robust and reliable solution to deter employees from employing these tricks. Controlio is one such software that offers comprehensive features to address these challenges. With its advanced activity monitoring, it becomes increasingly difficult for employees to manipulate their work hours. Controlio ensures that businesses have accurate data on employee productivity, ultimately allowing them to optimize their workforce and reduce time theft. To learn more about Controlio and how it can help your business, visit our website for detailed information and customer testimonials.

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