May 22, 2024

Are cartoons really bad for your kids

Cartoons, despite their popularity and availability, have gotten a lot of bad from concerned parents. New forms of entertainment are often scrutinized, but are the rumors about cartoons really true? Keep reading to find out. 

Are cartoons bad for children?

In short, no. Cartoons like most things in life are perfectly harmless – especially when consumed in moderation. If children spend all day, every day watching free kids cartoons, and aren’t engaging in other activities or people, then this becomes a problem. However, the problem is not necessarily with the cartoons themselves, but with how they are spending their time. 

The trick is to make cartoon watching an infrequent and positive experience rather than a child’s sole source of entertainment. Here are some simple tips to help you get the balance right with your little ones. 

How to make cartoons a positive experience:

Choose the Content:

The first piece of the puzzle is choosing the right content. The right cartoons for babies and children will be created not only to entertain but to educate too. Much like the stories and nursery rhymes of days gone by, cartoons can be used to teach your children important life lessons. So, take the time to read up and find cartoons that are going to be a positive experience for your children.

Limit access:

If you’re worried that your children will help themselves to cartoons, then you can put a few things in place to prevent them from binging. Start by putting passcodes or parental locks on your TV and devices that your children can use to watch cartoons. This way, they won’t be able to watch them without your help. Next, we recommend holding off on giving them personal devices that they can keep with themselves. Finally, try making it part of their daily routine so they get some cartoons without getting too many. 

Foster their interests:

Children have growing minds that can hold any number of interests at once. If you don’t want your children to get hooked on cartoons, you need to foster their interest in other things. Sign them up for after-school activities, get them to join a sports team, introduce them to arts and crafts, and show them books or anything else that they may be able to do. This way, your children will find different passions and interests outside of just sitting around watching cartoons. 

Wrapping Up 

The great cartoon debate has been settled. As a parent, it’s up to you whether cartoons will have a positive or a negative impact on your children. Keep the tips in this guide in mind and you’ll be fine. 

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